Are you accepting “exchange” plans?

We are currently accepting Health Insurance Marketplace plans—as we have not yet been notified of any significant reimbursement reductions with our contracted payers that are providing such plans. We are monitoring our experience with these plans very closely, and we reserve the right to stop accepting these plans should we encounter any reimbursement delays or reductions. Your …

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Why should I use the patient portal?

The patient portal allows us—both you, the patient family, and we, the Care Team—to interact electronically with one another in a secure, HIPPA compliant way. ChARM PHR provides for the sharing of office visit summaries, documents, lab results, etc.; direct messaging; allowing you to request prescription refills and appointments; and to pay account balances online. The portal …

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What do you mean by “third-party payer”?

“When you say ‘third-party payer’ are you referring to my ‘health insurance provider’?” Yes. Words mean things, and we believe in defining things by using the correct words. In today’s healthcare economy, the majority cost of your healthcare is paid for by someone else—a third-party—who either is your employer or are your neighbors (via taxpayer dollars). Today’s “health insurance” is not insurance …

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