New Electronic Health Records System

We are excited to announce that July will see the arrival of our new electronic health records system.

In our continuing effort to improve our patients’ experience with our Care Team, we have made the decision to move to a new electronic health records (EHR) system. By making this move we look to significantly improve the team’s efficiency in documenting and managing patient encounters and diagnoses, and to improve communication both within the office and with our patients.

The most significant change this move will make for our patients is access to a Patient Health Record (PHR) portal. This secure website will allow you to have direct, 24/7 access to your child’s medical records, laboratory results and other documents. In addition to record access, the PHR will allow you to maintain your contact and third-party payer information, complete office encounter questionnaires prior to your appointment, share documents with us, access your billing statements—which will be much easier to read and understand—and communicate with our Care Team. In fact, once the new EHR is fully live in our clinic, all electronic communication with our Care Team will be restricted to the PHR—the “” and “” email accounts will no longer be used to provide medical advice or direction. The reasons for moving all electronic communication to the PHR is:

  1. security,
  2. making all communication a part of the patient’s medical record, and
  3. ensuring the entire Care Team has access to any medical advice or direction given outside of an office visit.

Enrollment in the PHR is a simple process that begins with a call to our office to confirm your email address. The enrollment invitation sent to this email address on file will guide you through the steps necessary to establish your account.

Changing EHR vendors is a big decision for a medical facility, and the actual move is a daunting task. Therefore, we thank you in advance for your understanding as we make this transition in the final weeks of July, and especially for your patience as we may ask again for your contact and third-party payer information to verify the accuracy of the data transfer.

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