Pay your balance online!

We are excited to announce that our Patient Portal has been upgraded to support online payments!

Invoices are now shared to your ChARM PHR patient portal account, and are viewable under the new Billing tab on the patient dashboard. Navigating to the Billing tab allows you to view all of your invoices and payment receipts. Navigating to a specific invoice allows you to view that invoice, and to make a secure credit or debit card payment for the balance due (we accept only MasterCard, Visa or Discover). If an invoice has been updated since first being shared to your account (e.g. the application of a non-payment late fee), a link to any previous version is found below the invoice.

Online payments are available only via ChARM PHR. If you have not set up a patient portal account for your family—and we ask that all families do so—please contact our office to request a patient portal invite email be sent to you. Learn more about the patient portal in our Frequently Asked Questions.

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