Welcome, Mrs Oster

Mrs Leah Oster

We are excited to announce that Mrs Leah Oster, BS, ND has joined our Care Team as a Wellness Counselor, providing nutritional and lifestyle counseling to our patient families. Mrs Oster is a licensed Naturopathic Doctor with over nine years of experience. Her naturopathic training is similar in many ways to the biomedical practices we use, making Mrs Oster a natural fit for our clinic.

Mrs Oster is a resource to all of our patient families that want to learn how to improve diet and lifestyle to achieve overall better health. Specifically, she is a counseling and mentoring resource to our families that have a diagnosis of chronic allergy or immune system deficiency, helping them to find success in their journey of managing that diagnosis. Her counseling focuses on the whole person, and diet and lifestyle are central to her recommendations.

Mrs Oster’s services are cash-only, and are not covered by third-party payers. She is seeing patients by appointment only. You do not have to be a patient of Vibrant Kids Pediatrics to see Mrs Oster—she is available to the entire community.

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