Can I use my HSA card?

Yes, we do have patient families that use an HSA credit card for payment of their membership fees. We advise you to consult with your plan’s sponsor to verify that membership or “concierge” fees are payable under your plan’s rules, and know that you are solely responsible for your decision to use an HSA credit card for the payment of membership fees.

We have observed that HSA credit cards cause a lot of headaches for families that choose to use them. Be sure you understand how your card works, especially when funds will be made available each month for use with the card. The most frequent pain point is funds not being available when the automatic draft of the membership fee payment is attempted. Know the day of the month funds will be available, and then select a suitable start day-of-the-month for your membership so your reoccurring monthly payment attempts do not fail due to a lack of funds. Reoccurring payment failures may result in the cancellation of your membership.

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