Lab Services

Phlebotomy services for the whole community.

Laboratory blood draw services for our pediatric patients, their families, and the whole community, submitting to a wide-range of outside laboratories for testing.

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Skilled phlebotomy services for our most sensory patients.

Blood analysis is a crucial diagnostic tool in our consultative understanding of a child’s health story. Providing in-house blood draw services using our own nurse phlebotomists, who are comfortable working with our young sensory patients, has been a consistent priority. Knowing the blood draw will be performed by a phlebotomist that we know and trust gives both us and the patient’s family a reassuring level of comfort.

We send out to the following third-party laboratories.

For those patients using a third-party payer…

If you are using a third-party payer, it is imperative that you understand your policy’s laboratory coverage before consenting to laboratory testing. Any laboratory used will bill you and/or your payer directly for their services. We charge a $25 convenience fee for the blood draw to help cover the costs of drawing and preparing the specimen for send out; we receive no financial compensation from any laboratory. This fee is cash-only, and is not billable to any third-party payer.

Alletess Medial Laboratory

Clinical Pathology Laboratories

Doctor‘s Data

Genova Diagnostics
Great Plains Laboratory

Quest Diagnostics

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