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Accepting wait list enrollments for our Primary Pediatric Care memberships; Wellcheck EZ and Pediatric Consult memberships are still available.
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Direct Primary Care

A new road to old fashioned care.

Before you enroll…

Remember you are enrolling yourself as a non-patient guarantor because you are paying for some else, and if you want a future start date, you must select that date yourself.
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Understanding Direct Primary Care

Direct Primary Care, or DPC, explained simply is you—the patient—contracting directly with your provider for all of your annual primary-care needs. DPC is about removing the inconveniences, the obstacles, the frustrations and aggravations that result from you seeking medical care. Third-party payors welcome and encourage these inconveniences, obstacles, frustrations and aggravations—in fact they actively create these inconveniences, obstacles, frustrations and aggravations—because this discourages you from seeking medical care. When you do not seek care, you save them money (Where have we seen this theme of denying care as a cost savings? Ah, yes, here). DPC is about removing the third-party standing between us, as your provider, and you, as our patient and customer. It’s about removing the third-party dictating to us what we can and cannot do, how we can and how we can not, when and when we may not, where and where we may not. DPC removes third-party payor obstacles and added costs, so that you are encouraged to seek medical care when you need it, and that results in better health outcomes for you.

Your DPC membership provides you with 24/7 access to our provider(s) and to all the primary-care pediatric services we provide. Freed from the burdens of fee-for-service third-party payor requirements, we are able to provide you with care via a wide array of options—the traditional in-office visit, a phone call, a video chat or call, by electronic message, or even by text.

Our DPC Membership Plans

Primary Pediatric Care Membership Plan
Pediatric Consult Membership Plan
Pediatric Consult (Legacy FFS) Membership Plan
Wellcheck EZ Membership Plan


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Simply put: Direct Care is provider-based healthcare. Rather than being plan centric, where the primary loyalty is between the patient and a third party administrator, Direct Care makes a doctor-patient relationship the anchor of the healthcare experience. Direct Care providers collect a monthly membership fee directly from these patients… in exchange for modern access to a predetermined list of services. There are no co-pays or other “tolls” to disincent patient engagement with the care team. There are no insurance claims submitted or third-party billing of any kind. This brings tremendous efficiency to the relationship, allowing provider[s]… to dramatically improve gross margins while also reducing patient out-of-pocket costs.
—Hint Health, Direct Care Brief

DPCNation.org, What is Direct Primary Care?

Heritage Foundation, Direct Primary Care: Update and Road Map for Patient-Centered Reforms

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