Direct Primary Care

A new road to traditional primary care.

What is Direct Primary Care?

This is how our Direct Primary Care (DPC) membership management partner, Hint Health, describes DPC:

Simply put: Direct Care is provider-based healthcare. Rather than being plan centric, where the primary loyalty is between the patient and a third party administrator, Direct Care makes a doctor-patient relationship the anchor of the healthcare experience. Direct Care providers collect a monthly membership fee directly from these patients… in exchange for modern access to a predetermined list of services. There are no co-pays or other ‘tolls’ to disincent patient engagement with the care team. There are no insurance claims submitted or third-party billing of any kind. This brings tremendous efficiency to the relationship, allowing provider[s]… to dramatically… [reduce] patient out-of-pocket costs.

Even with Z(ed)‘s prowess for wordsmithing, we cannot articulate DPC better than the DPC advocates at DPC Nation ( We encourage you to read their essays on what is DPC and why DPC is needed.

Enrollment is open.

Accepting wait list enrollments for our Primary Pediatric Care memberships; Wellcheck EZ and Pediatric Consult memberships are still available.

Questions Being Asked

Early DPC Enrollment Now Open

Early enrollment in our Direct Primary Care (DPC) self-pay option launching January 1st is now…

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