How do I enroll in the patient portal?

The enrollment process begins by confirming the email address you want associated with your portal account. You may do so in our office during an appointment check-in or you may send us an email from the address you would like associated with the account.

When notifying us via email, your email must include the name of the caregiver requesting the portal account, that caregiver’s date of birth, and the name and date of birth of each patient you want associated with the portal account.

Once the email address is confirmed, you will be sent an email invitation to that address to enroll the patient(s) in the portal. The invitation contains a link that will take you to the charmPHR website to complete the enrollment process.

If you are enrolling more than one child, you will receive an invitation for each child. You must follow the enrollment link in each of those emails to enroll all of your children. Regardless of the number of children you enroll, you will have only one portal account for your family. The username you establish while enrolling the first child will be the username for your account—so basing that username on the name of that first child may not be the best choice.

You can learn more about using the charmPHR by reviewing the user guide provided by our PHR provider.

All email notifications from the PHR are sent from the email address Please ensure your spam filter is set to not block your PHR notifications.

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