Issue with UnitedHealthcare

We are experiencing an issue with UnitedHealthcare (UHC) policies sponsored by Delta Airlines. The issue is well check visits are currently not being covered, because UHC states the visit was provided by an out-of-network provider. Vibrant Kids Pediatrics is an UnitedHealthcare in-network provider, and only polices issued by Delta Airlines are having this issue—all non-Delta Airlines UHC polices are covering well check visits at 100% as expected. We have been told by numerous UHC customer service representatives over the past several weeks this is due to an error in UHC systems that has been resolved, and all affected claims will be reprocessed. However, we continue to see well checks visits not be covered for dates-of-service through the week ending March 23rd. If you are a Delta Airlines employee who has been affected, please call UHC—as with the Blue Cross Blue Shield of Georgia issue we experienced at this time last year—only calls from patient families will hold UHC accountable for their error. Until resolved you will be billed for the well check visit, as UHC is assigning the visit to “Patient Responsibility.”

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