Letter from WellCare

Have you recently received a letter from WellCare of Georgia informing you that Dr Dickerson is no longer in-network?

This letter was sent to you because your WellCare of Georgia primary care physician (PCP) is Dr Jill Dickerson at Piedmont Clinic. Only recently has Piedmont Clinic updated WellCare of Georgia that Dr Dickerson is no longer practicing with Piedmont Clinic—this update is what has triggered the sending of these letters. Unfortunately this letter only states the provider’s name and does not include the provider’s practice affiliation. Dr Dickerson is in-network with WellCare of Georgia at Vibrant Kids Pediatrics. If you are the recipient of one of these letters—and you have been seen by Dr Dickerson at Vibrant Kids Pediatrics within the prior 36 months—you need to contact WellCare of Georgia to have your PCP changed to Dr Jill Dickerson at Vibrant Kids Pediatrics.

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