Welcome, Mrs Jernigan

Mrs Lauren Jernigan, PA-C

We are really excited to announce that Mrs Lauren Jernigan, PA-C is joining our Care Team this February, and will begin seeing patients on Monday, February 2nd. Mrs Jernigan—a native of Fayetteville, Georgia—is a Board Certified Physician Assistant with over four years of pediatric experience. Having begun her medical career as a Respiratory Therapist is another win for our clinic, as most pediatric office emergencies are respiratory in nature.

With Mrs Jernigan’s addition to our Care Team, we are again open to new patients—reversing the very difficult decision we had to make last summer to close the practice to new patients. Mrs Jernigan can see all of our patients for their acute sick and well check needs. In addition to creating greater patient capacity, her joining us allows Dr Dickerson to have more availability in her schedule to serve our patients with chronic conditions.

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