About All That DPC Misinformation

As territorial animals, we zebras protect our herd, and, in fact, we have been known to kill a hyena with a single kick. So, it has been really ruffling my stripes seeing my herd slandered by all the ludicrous misinformation floating around “social” media regarding the new self-pay Direct Primary Care (DPC) option we are launching next year. Our DPC option is simply an affordable self-pay option for paying for services in our clinic. By providing this simple, affordable self-pay option:

  • We are not violating our payor contracts,
  • We are not abusing our professional licenses,
  • We are not being punished for our vaccine policies,
  • We are not stopping accepting “insurance” next year, and
  • We most certainly are not taking advantage of our patients.

These examples of what is floating around out there are a text-book exhibit of the stupidity that results from uninformed bloviating on “social” media. Shameful.

DPC is simply a self-pay option that we believe is a truly affordable way for us to provide the best care to our patients. Learn the facts at our website at https://www.vibrantkids.us/dpc.

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