Additional Letter from WellCare

Have you recently received a—for some a second—letter from WellCare of Georgia informing you that Dr Dickerson is no longer in-network?

WellCare of Georgia—in response to Piedmont Clinic’s request to remove Dr Dickerson from its roster of WellCare of Georgia providers—has terminated Dr Dickerson’s Vibrant Kids Pediatrics provider ID, rather than her Piedmont Clinic provider ID. This mistake is what triggered the sending of the letter stating Dr Dickerson will not be a part of the WellCare of Georgia provider network as of August 31, 2015. WellCare of Georgia is reinstating Dr Dickerson’s Vibrant Kids Pediatrics provider ID effective September 1, 2015—so there should be no disruption in coverage. WellCare of Georgia will restore all affected patients to Vibrant Kids Pediatrics’ roster, and will issue a letter of retraction to each affected patient.

See our earlier announcement regarding this WellCare of Georgia issue.

Update, September 1, 2015: WellCare of Georgia has not yet corrected its mistake. Therefore, we are not able to see WellCare of Georgia patients at this time.

Update, September 15, 2015: WellCare of Georgia still has not yet corrected its mistake. We regret having to turn away our WellCare of Georgia patients, but we have no choice. This issue was caused solely by WellCare of Georgia’s incompetence, and—unfortunately—only WellCare of Georgia can fix it. We will return to seeing WellCare of Georgia patients as soon as Dr Dickerson is reinstated.

Update, October 1, 2015: WellCare of Georgia has still not yet corrected its mistake. Therefore, we remain unable to see WellCare of Georgia patients.

Update, October 5, 2015: WellCare of Georgia has completed reinstating Dr Dickerson. We may now again see WellCare of Georgia patients. WellCare of Georgia is still in the process of repairing our patient roster, and will issue a letter of retraction to all affected patients once completed. If you are a WellCare of Georgia member, then you need to contact WellCare of Georgia to ensure your PCP is Dr Dickerson at Vibrant Kids Pediatrics.

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