Discharge Policy

We strive everyday to make our clinic a warm and welcoming place for all of our patients and their families. A sick child stresses not only himself, but the entire family—so we understand that people are not always at their best when they visit. However, grace and patience do have their limits. And, we acknowledge that we cannot be all things to all patients, thus there will always be that family we can never make happy—regardless of how hard we try. Therefore, we reserve our right to discharge a patient from our clinic for any of the following:

  • Irreconcilable personality conflicts,
  • Habitual verbalization of dissatisfaction with our polices or conduct,
  • Abusive language or behavior directed toward staff,
  • Disruptive behavior that upsets or terrorizes other patients in the clinic,
  • Destructive behavior that damages clinic property,
  • Use of profanity,
  • Habitual missing of appointments without notification,
  • Habitual “under” scheduling of needs to obtain an earlier appointment slot,
  • Blatant disregard of an advised plan of care,
  • Misuse—or the suspicion of misuse—of prescription medications,
  • Request to commit insurance fraud,
  • Forging of clinic documents, e.g. school notes, and
  • Non-payment of an account balance.

We will exercise our right to discharge a patient if the abusive incident occurs in our office, or on a phone call or voicemail message, or in an electronic communication.

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