Direct Primary Care Option Coming in 2022

We at Vibrant Kids Pediatrics are excited about the launch of a new option for receiving care in our clinic that will be getting underway January 1, 2022. Known as Direct Primary Care, or “DPC,” this revolutionary model makes receiving primary-care both affordable and accessible. DPC is an option that we are adding for next year. So, please, breathe. Stop hyperventilating over the falsehoods spreading on “chatty” blogs. DPC is an option. We are continuing our current fee-for-service (FFS) model next year, and therefore will continue to accept “insurance” from third-party payors.

As a practice we have a very sizable “self-pay” patient population, and we have been exploring for several years now how to offer a comprehensive, affordable option to this segment of our patient population. We are excited to begin testing the DPC model next year, and anticipate it being of great benefit to both our self-pay families and our consult patient families. Honestly, we believe DPC is of great benefit to all families.

So, please, check in regularly with us here at our website for updates and factual information on the launch of our DPC option.

Photo by Aman on Unsplash

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