Getting Started with Membership

Being an established, active patient of Vibrant Kids Pediatrics requires enrollment in a Direct Primary Care (DPC) membership plan. A membership plan is an annual contract that gives you access to all the services included in the plan, so long as your membership is active. Our DPC membership contract is provided for your approval during the enrollment process.

You will be enrolling yourself as the non-member financial guarantor for your plan along with your child(ren). You will need to have available the basic demographic information about yourself and your child(ren) to start your enrollment. Multiple children may be added to a single membership plan. You may enroll in multiple different plans if you have children requiring differing levels of service.

Membership fees must be paid by automatic draft from either a bank account (the preferred method) or from a credit card. You will need your payment option information available to complete your enrollment. Your payment method will not be charged until your membership starts (a wait listed membership is not charged until the membership is confirmed).

The initial membership fee (plus any one-time enrollment fee, if applicable) is due and payable on the date your membership starts. By default, your membership start date is the date you complete your enrollment. You are allowed to select a future start date for you plan during enrollment, so, if you need to have your fee payment occur on a specific day of the month, please select this date while completing your enrollment.

The online enrollment process is hosted by our DPC membership management partner, Hint Health.

You will find each of our DPC membership plans explained with each plan’s enrollment link on our Memberships page.

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