The zebra. The stripes. The verbiage.

One could say he’s a mascot. He would say he’s sort of a big deal. We just believe he’s great with our patients.

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Z(ed), Big Deal

Zebra. Grand Communicator.
Order of Chameleon First Class Hide & Seek Master.

Meet Z(ed)

Meet Z… short for “zebra.” Highly original… we know. Z expects the name to be pronounced using the “Z” pronunciation of our Aussie, British and Canadian friends, Z-ed, as opposed to the “boring” American pronunciation, Z-ee. Yes, we thought him being silly, but we came to realize when calling him out—he gets carried away by his “celebrity” at times—that yelling “Zed!” does put your voice in a lower register that naturally sounds more stern, then does yelling out “Zee!” Try it for yourself… we’ll wait… see what we mean? So, “Zed” it is.

Being a zebra gifted in turning a phrase, we put Z(ed) in charge of patient communications and outreach. Unlike another notable orator who fashioned himself a humble speaker merely communicating great ideas, Z(ed)… yeah, not so much. He fashions himself a Grand Communicator of… well… any idea. He’s harmless, effective, even witty. Do keep an eye out for him in our clinic… fair warning though: He’s a master hide-and-seeker… to be honest it’s mostly hide… but seriously, how does he hide so well while wrapped in such a bold print?

Why a zebra?

The big question is obviously why a zebra? Well… in the medical field the “normal” patient, the “routine” patient is symbolized by the horse; while, the “unique” patient, the “exceptional” patient by the zebra. At Vibrant Kids we recognize that all of our patients are unique, and that they are all uniquely exceptional, each, in their own way.

Z(ed)’s latest musings:

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